Company profile

Founded in 1997, Kleindiek Nanotechnik is proudly looking back at over 20 years in the market, providing micro- and nano-positioning capability to our customers around the world.

In 1991, during his PhD work at the University of Tuebingen, the company founder Stephan Kleindiek invented the Nanomotor®. This motor and subsequent inventions of rotational motors based on the same principle are the foundation of Kleindiek Nanotechnik's products.

Technological advances in various fields require highly precise positioning techniques with exceedingly high stability, extraordinarily low drift, and a high degree of maneuverability. Especially the recent advances in the semiconductor industry but also in the materials and life sciences, require high-precision tools for standard, everyday tasks such as nano-probing for device characterisation, in situ materials characterisation, as well as TEM sample lift-out for subsequent root-cause analyses or structure elucidation.

Our goal is to provide our customers with the exact tool they require for a specific task along with the corresponding application know-how to employ these tools with high efficiency. In addition, we provide custom, cutting-edge solutions for a host of applications in research and product development.

During product development, we strive to offer our users an intuitive path to solving the task at hand in order to address those tasks without being distracted by the tool itself. Our solutions are designed to be nimble, flexible, and simple while maintaining highest resolution and the smallest outer dimensions.

We are proud to offer our customers

  • Over 20 years market experience
  • An installed base of close to 3000 systems
  • Standardised products for many applications
  • Intuitive, user-friendly control and software interfaces
  • Competent and reliable consulting
  • Custom solutions
  • Continuous innovative development
  • Up to date production techniques

Nanomotor® is a registered trademark of Kleindiek Nanotechnik GmbH, Reutlingen and Klocke Nanotechnik GmbH, Aachen