Event calendar 2022

Hopefully we will all soon be able to meet at the various conferences. Below, please find the conferences that we have on our schedule for 2022:

The NeCEN 2022 NEMI Day has been moved to March 22nd. Come by and say hi!

On May 4th and 5th, we'll be present at the FIB SEM User Group meeting at the Kossiakoff Center, Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, Laurel, MD

The Fraunhofer's CAM workshop has been moved to June 14th/15th.

The next FEBIP will be held in conjunction with the FIT4NANO cost action meeting in Krakow from July 11th through 15th

This year's IPFA meeting will return to the Marina Bay Sands from July 18th through 21st.

Come see our latest developments in Portland, OR at M&M, July 31st through August 4th!

The DPG "spring meeting" has been shifted to September: 5th through 10th.

We will be attending the EUFN workshop in Hamburg, Germany from August 30th through September 2nd.

This year, we're joining the Electron Tomography Congress in Egmond am Zee, NL... September 11th through 14th.

ESREF is returning to Berlin this year: September 26th through 29th.

This year's ISTFA will be held from October 30th through November 3rd.

We'll wrap up the year in Boston at the MRS - November 27th through December 2nd!