Event calendar 2023

As things gradually go back to 'normal', conferences are being held in person again! We're looking forward to interacting with you! Below, please find the conferences that we have on our schedule for 2023:

On Jan 25th/26th, we'll be at DESY!

This year, the Microscopy Conference will be held in Darmstadt from Feb 26th through March 2nd... Join us there!

Kleindiek will be presenting at this year's Rasterkurse, March 6th - 10th.

The DPG spring meeting has is returning zu Dresden: March 28th through 30th.

5th Kleindiek Nanotechnik Users Meeting - 25th Anniversary Edition!

An April 25th & 26th we will host our fifth User Meeting! This meeting coincides with Kleindiek Nanotechnik's 25th anniversary. Join us in celebrating this milestone!

We will be attending the EUFN workshop in Zürich, Germany from June 7th through 9th.

The 2023 FIB/SEM user group meeting was folded into IUMAS8 which will take place from June 11th and 16th in scenic Banff, Canada!

The mmc will return to Manchester Central in 2023 from July 3rd through 6th... and so will we!

This year's IPFA meeting will be held in Penang, MY. The date is TBD - sometime in July...

Meet us for a chat in Minneapolis, MN at M&M, July 23rd through 27th!

This year we get two "MCs"...: The next International Microscopy Conference is scheduled for September 10th through 15th.

ESREF is going to Toulouse this year: October 2nd through 5th.

This year's ISTFA will be held from November 12th through 16th in Phoenix, AZ.

We'll wrap up the year in Boston at the MRS - December 5th 7th!