Micromanipulator for Electron Microscopy with Encoders


Based on the highly successful MM3A-EM micromanipulator, the MM3E exhibits the same compactness, precision, and stability combined with closed-loop positional feedback. This enhancement provides the means to improve the system’s ease of use (e.g. by defining parking and working positions that can be addressed at the click of a button).

The MM3E is fully compatible with virtually any SEM or FIB/SEM on the market. It comes with an intuitive, drag&drop-style control software which provides an easy means for positioning the tool tip in three dimensions inside your SEM or FIB/SEM tool.

The software performs coordinate transformations so that the MM3E behaves as a cartesian system with a reproducibility of a few micrometers. With the optional encoded axial rotation drive, the specimen can be rotated compucentrically in the vicinity of the sample.