Prober Shuttle (PS8)


The Prober Shuttle is our latest tool for high-precision in-situ electrical nanoprobing on the 7 nm technology node - and beyond! In order to realise our vision for this product, we developed an ultra-flat three-axis manipulator with unmatched stability and precision - the MM4. The Prober Shuttle can be comprised of up to eight MM4s with the option of an ultra-flat two-axis or three-axis substage.

The entire height of the system is 10 mm, making it compatible with a wide range of SEM load-locks and thus helping you to achieve a higher sample throughput. The Prober Shuttle also offers low-current, low-capacity measurement capability and is fully compatible to the Advanced Probing Tools hardware and software suite including the Live Contact Tester and Electron Beam Induced Current Imaging modules, among others.