Probe Tips for Nanoprobing

Kleindiek is the exclusive distributor for Mesoscope tips in Europe.

We are pleased to offer Mesoscope probe tips for nanoprobing and nanomanipulation tasks. The solid tungsten probe tips have a shaft diameter of 0.25 mm and tip radii between 250 nm and 5 nm ... and below! They can be used with the Prober Shuttle as well as the MM3A-EM micromanipulators.

Each tip is individually packaged in a vacuum sealed sachet. The Mesoscope tips are ready for probing applications right out of the package - without the need for an initial conditioning/cleaning step.


We also provide selection of PicoProbe tips with varying tip radii. The probe tips are all made of Tungsten with 0.5 mm diameter shafts. Packaged in protective atmosphere.