Fully encoded Prober Shuttle (PS8e)


The PS8 Prober Shuttle is already the most compact and highly integrated nanoprobing system in the market. Nonetheless, we found a way to add positional encoders to the platform. This latest feature enables fast and efficient nanoprobing workflows.

The ability to automatically pre-align the probes is especially important for probing on the most recent technology nodes where beam sensitivity is an issue and thus, very low acceleration voltages are required. Using pre-defined alignment positions, all eight probes can be brought from their individual parked positions into close vicinity to each other at a consistent height above the sample - at the click of a button! This eliminates the tedious pre-alignment task which involved constant corrections of the astigmatism and/or necessitated switching to higher acceleration voltages.

The PS8e utilizes the MM4 ultra-flat three-axis manipulators that exhibit unmatched stability and precision. The entire height of the system is 10 mm, making it compatible with a wide range of SEM load-locks and thus helping you to achieve a higher sample throughput. The Prober Shuttle also offers low-current, low-capacity measurement capability and is fully compatible to the Advanced Probing Tools hardware and software suite including the Live Contact Tester and Electron Beam Induced Current Imaging modules, among others.